How to enable DTMF tone?

i have a problem because i can not press any number if the ivr on other line is active.
For example when the voice tell me: press 1 for, press 2 for, press 3 for, etc… if i press don’t go.

What i have to set up on my freepbx?

If i add a new extension on “dtmf signaling” in my freepbx i have only 3 choice:

  • rfc4733
  • sip info (application dtmf/relay)
  • in band audio (not raccomanded)

On x-lite or on my ip phone i saw i have RCF2833, maybe this is the problem?
How i can make for use DTMF?
Thank you

This is not a FreePBX forum and Asterisk has not built-in IVR capability; that is implemented by FreePBX dialplan. Peer support for FreePBX is available at

RFC 4733 is backwards compatible with RFC 2833 (and the latter is often used loosely to mean the former).

ok thank you
i’m sorry, i thinked is correct to write there :smile:
Now i try to ask in the freepbx forum
Thank you

Use dtmf=auto
in sip.conf file or which sip id you are using

If dtmf=auto does not work use