How to dial a party, start to play a file and hangup after x seconds

I need someting similar to this question: Play a file to callee and hangup with dial application
From the dialplan, call a party, play the first 10 seconds from a file and hangup. I tried the following, but it will not hangup until the whole file was played.
exten => 88888.,1,Verbose(0,starting zintuk with playback on ${EXTEN})
same => n,Answer()
same => n,Dial(PJSIP/${EXTEN2}@${TRK},7,A(filetoplay)L(10000))
same => n,HangUp()


Looks like it is impossible. When using Dial with both A and L parameters, asterisk plays the full file, then waits the time of the L paramenets and then hangsup.

Have you tried setting an absolute timeout?

Also, console logs with verbose 3 or higher, captured as text (not pictures), wrapped in preformatted text tags can help.

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