How to customize Asterisk

I have developed an iOS SIP client application that send the initial Invite message along with a ticket. The ticket is a new header filed concatenated with the initial Invite message. When I make a call from my sip client to another VoIP client. The modified Invite message that my sip client generated, received at Asterisk Server. But when the Asterisk Server forward the Invite message to recipient client. The ticket field is removed from the Invite header and just the normal Invite message send to recipient client.
I wish to send the ticket field to the recipient client for that I need help. How could I shall be able to customize the Asterisk that it allow my SIP client to send the ticket field to other sip client.

Its urgent please any one can guide me, your help will be highly appreciable.

Asterisk is a back to back user agent and therefore doesn’t forward invites. The outgoing call might not even be SIP.

If this is a header, rather than on the request line, you can read the header and then add it to the outgoing call.

(Your subject line is too broad to be useful.)

Could you please help me how can I read the header and add in outgoing call.

core show applications will list the necessary application to add the header and core show functions will list the function to read it.