How to create md5 string for pjsip.conf

I have an endpoint that works fine with a plain text password. I would like to convert to md5. This is for outbound only. I checked with the ITSP and they said they support md5. I copied the auth section from the wiki:

type = auth

But it doesn’t work. I’m trying to use the command “echo -n “STRING” | md5sum” to generate the hash.

  1. Do I need to use a different utility to generate the string?
  2. The wiki shows “username:realm:password” for input to the md5sum utility to create the md5 string. Is that the correct input? I’m unsure of what to use for the realm.
  3. the wiki also shows a “realm=” directive for the auth section but does not show its use in the example??

One simple way to check what is realm value is looking into SIP/401 reply message sent from PABX to client that is registering.

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