How to connect intercom with asterisk ? HELP ME HELP ME


I’m trying to connect intercom ( door box ) to the Elastix server so that if any visitor push the call button, the call must go to some extension

I Have Elastix 2.0 and OpenVox A400E card with fxo and fxs modules

I’m not expert in Elastix, but I tried the following from this PDF file
the author is Kevin Flanagan.

but nothing had work !!!

Please HELP me , this is a part of my graduation project !!!

or do you guys have any Idea how to connect door box with Elastix ??

Try in the job forum, mostly because your request its fully co ered in alot sites and you’re trying to get help for a school project.

Google is your friend.

google does not help me

Students doing projects are expected to get a deep enough understanding of the technology that they are using that they can work things out without having explicit instructions for the exact configuration they are using. They should also be able to decompose a problem into simpler, and more general problems that are covered, mainly in the documentation, but also on search engines.

In any case, we are not Elastix experts either. If you want Elastix experts, try

Note that the PDF file you quote relates to an obsolete version of Asterisk, which uses a different configuration file syntax. Also, I have a feeling that the X100P is no longer supported. However, instructions cover the general principles, and you should be able to adapt them by reference to the upgrade documentation included with Asterisk.