How to connect Asterisk with another media server


I’d like to use Asterisk to act as application server to handle all the call controls but all the media functions (e.g.: conference bridge, play, record, dtmf, etc.) to be done on a separate media server. Does anyone know if this is possible and how?


Why would you do that…?

I guess it would be possible, but then you would be better of to use Kamailio as your sipproxy and have the “separate media server” handle all the media functions…

The same way as you would connect to a PABX at another location, and essentially the same way as you would connect to the PSTN.

Thanks for the response. The main reason is (1) to decompose Asterisk’s control and media for better scalability (i.e.: control and media can be scaled independently (2) to support more codecs and media features that are not available on Asterisk. I know it is more easier to integrate a pure SIP application server with media server, but since Asterisk is already deployed in the existing solution and I’m looking for an option to keep Asterisk in the solution for control but move media function to a separate media server. I guess this probably needs new development work on the Asterisk

Thanks David for the comment - are you referring to something like this

Sort. of . You are more likely to find ISDN or SIP supported, though.