How to configure curl request for PJSIP to make it realtime?


I am very much new for PJSIP. I want to use it realtime with curl request. I setup somewhat as below

sorcery.conf File


extconfig.conf file

ps_endpoints => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL
ps_auths => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL
ps_aors => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL
ps_domain_aliases => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL
ps_endpoint_id_ips => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL

When I restart Asterisk at that time, for endpoints and aor, Multi request send on MY_CURL_URL. But when I am trying to register, at that time no request generated.
Currently I have disable chan_sip from modules.conf file.

Very much appreciate your help.

Registrations are stored using a contact type. In order to use that with curl you’d need to add:


To the sorcery.conf file and:

ps_contacts => curl,http://MY_CURL_URL

To the extconfig.conf file.

Thanks jcolp.

I put this code, but still not getting request. Even not getting anything on asterisk CLI. Any where my configuration missing?

Do you mean you aren’t even seeing the REGISTER on the console? If so you’d need to provide more information such as pjsip.conf configuration for transports and console log.

There was syntax error in my file, so it is resolved now. But when I list the PJSIP Modules, all modules are loaded except one. PJSIP IP endpoint identifier 0 Not Running core

Why it is not loading? What is the use of this module? Will it affect anything if it is not loaded because currently I can register any account successfully from mongodb Database using curl request.

The res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip module matches incoming requests based on an IP address and associates them with an endpoint. If it’s not running then you can’t use that functionality. I couldn’t tell you why it’s not loading based on that line alone. It may clarify why during startup.