How to configure a virtual fax on asterisk1.5?. Anyone?

Hi friends, how can I configure a virtual fax for asterisknow 1.5??. I have this problem because I con set up the fields in Free PBX, but how do I do to send faxes???. Im alone here… my mail

Fax is headache. There are commercial fax drivers for Asterisk. This alone shows that there are problems with fax.

AFAIK, CallWeaver ( is good enouth with T38


[quote=“wowks”]AFAIK, CallWeaver ( is good enouth with T38

My info is pretty old. I hate faxes :smiley: and I try to avoid them.

I really dont know why this is so ifficult, Ive been searching for a possible solution about 2 weeks, I thougt- after useless search into another forums-, that you guys would help me because I downloaded the asterisknow 1.5 form here!!!. Its really fustrating that nobody here can teel me about a possible solution to my problem!!.

Well, thanks anyway…

Check out:

I’m playing with asterisk and about a 3 weeks trying to send fax to sip-phone kapanga. From sip phone to asterisk I can send fax. But when I trying to call to auto answering asterisk extension with fax ( through app_fax application ) I see in asterisk logs that:

I’m have no idea how to fix this.

Fax is much too complicated with Asterisk from what i’ve seen. It definitely will not meet our requirement at my workplace.

At best you have to set up a virtual modem which runs its own little process on the server then you can set up asterisk to send calls to that virtual modem which processes the fax and emails it out to an address defined in the virtual modem configuration. It can also be used for sending faxes.

The problem is we have at least 100 people who use fax here occasionally so i cant have 100 virtual modem devices loaded at all times.