How to close all prompt sounds in Asterisk?

Hello everyone

How do I set the Asterisk to close any prompt sounds(.gsm, .wav…) or warming tone?


For tones, there is an application that will do this.

At the dialplan level, recordings will only stop when they complete or telephoney event (e.g. dialed digit during Background) interrupts them.

Why are you asking the question?

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I have a problem, when I adjusted the linten voice volume in confbridge(input *6 or *4), Asterisk always playing prompt sounds first, then increase or decrease voice volume. 

I want to adjusted everything without prompt sounds in confbridge. Please get me some idea. 


Replace the recordings of the prompts with zero duration sound files, or delete the code in the application that sends the prompts. (Some applications allow you to configure which recordings will be used.)

Deleting a prompt from the source code is generally a low risk change.