How to change rtp address



please how to change my rtp address without nat ?


What do you mean by “change my rtp address without nat”? Which channel driver are you using (chan_sip or chan_pjsip)? What are you trying to achieve?


On chan SIP you can use the media_address =

The IP address used for media (audio, video, and text) in the SDP can also be overridden by using the media_address configuration option. This is only applicable to the general section and can not be set per-user or per-peer.

psip also have the above option and external_media_address, read the sample files for each file


channel driver is chan_dahdi


The chan_dahdi module doesn’t use RTP.


in /etc/asterisk i don’t find chan_sip.conf file. i have only chan_dahdi and chan_dahdi_additional files