How to call BridgeEvent through Asterisk Server

how to enable BridgeEvent in asterisk server .Is there any configuration to call all the events from the server …?
actually im calling all the AMI events from server through OnManager events in JAVA programming ,so that i can take callerID details, call duration and call is answered or not .In order to get these details i need to call BridgeEvent, HangupEvent, PeerStatusEvent.
Im getting only HangupEvent and PeerStatusEvent except BridgeEvent…anyone please help me to call these events …

Thanks in advance

There is not Asterisk AMI Event with that name, check the evet list here Also most of the information you need it is available on the CDR

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one more question… which event we need to pick for active session calls…?

All depend on what information you need from the acitve call

i need active session caller id 1 and caller 2 (from and to)

The SIP caller IDs are not logged, except for diagnostic purposes. You will have to explicitly read them.

Use the SIP_HEADER() this Gets the specified SIP header from an incoming INVITE message

" BridgeEnter " event itself is not coming in the logs.Can you help me out to enable or how to configure “BridgeEnter” event in Asterisk Server configuration , So that i can easily take active session caller id’s