How to automate testing calls to cellphones


As landline to mobile calls represent a large share of total PSTN minutes, I wonder if or how I should improve my testing when accepting a new SIP trunk with an ITSP.

I can see 3 testing policies:

  1. Do not specifically test calls to mobiles and extrapolate landline test results to mobile results (if your trunk work OK for landline, it should also for mobile)
  2. Specifically test calls to your favorite mobile operator and extrapolate results to other mobile operators
  3. Specifically test calls to each mobile operator

Now, regarding testing tools, how can you automate sending or receiving calls on a mobile phone ?

A. Use an Asterisk with a couple of USB/GSM/LTE/whatever dongle (and chan_dongle) ?
B. Use LTE and VoLTE, supposing mobile operators support VoLTE, and testing results can be extrapolated to casual mobile calls (does using VoLTE help ?)
C. Through a GSM to SIP gateway
D. Something else

Concerning which tests I would focus on, when a mobile phone is involved:

a. caller presentation (is callerid correctly sent to mobile)
b. early media or ring back tones
c. call forwarding (when a mobile unconditionally forwards to a landline, is a Diversion/History-Info header relayed to transfer target ?)

What are your experiences and opinions about landline to mobile testing ?
Which are your policy, tools and specific tests ?


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