How to add channels to stasis bridges

I’m trying to add through ARI two channels to one bridge also created through ARI interface. What i need in the future is to mix more channels in a bridge, some channels must be manually created and added to bridge. Let’s start with a simpler scenario involving only to channels…

To make a test, in dialplan specify an extension test:

exten => test, 1, NoOp(),
      same => n, Stasis(my-app)

and call it. Now, through REST interface i’m able to:

  • create a new bridge my-bridge;
  • answer the incoming call;
  • add the relative channel to my-bridge;
  • create a new channel (MulticastRTP) and add it to my-bridge.

With this setup communication is not working, even if details of my-bridge show that bridge contains both channels. What is missing?

Some info:
Asterisk version: 13.7.2

The json used to create the MulticastRTP channel is:

    "app" : "my-app",
    "endpoint"  : "MulticastRTP/basic/",
    "variables" : {

I saw that the context for the multicast channel is default while the context for the channel relative to incoming call is public. Is this a problem?

Thank you all

You are using an old version of Asterisk, it’s always best to use the newest one so you don’t chase already solved issues. As well I don’t know if the MulticastRTP driver has been tested in ARI, it should work but I’m not sure. You should try to break down the scenario and isolate things further - like placing two normal SIP channels in.