How many people are using DAHDI?

How many people are using DAHDI?

  • Yes, I am trying it now.
  • In three months.
  • In six months.

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How many people are using DAHDI?

I voted “trying it now” but conference and qsig don’t work so I’m going back to zaptel.

I don’t use qsig, but my conf is working.

I am confident that dahdi will work with euroisdn but QSIG worked with zaptel. I want new software with more features, not less.

I posted the qsig stuff so the developers could see that it was not working for me. The real killer for me at the moment is that the conference bridge is not working.
Siemens HiPath 3800 supports ISO and ECMA qsig and both versions did not work 100% with zaptel. With dahdi we get less than 50% thanks to it only working on incoming calls.

pbx*CLI> core show channels Channel Location State Application(Data) SIP/7001-08dcxxxx STARTMEETME@from-int Up MeetMe(8000|M|) DAHDI/pseudo-1225620 s@from-internal:1 Rsrvd (None) DAHDI/1-1 STARTMEETME@from-int Up MeetMe(8000|M|) 3 active channels 2 active calls

I’ve been running DAHDI since the 2.0-rc release on Sep 3. It has worked very well for me except that the echo on my TDM410P is worse than it was with Zaptel. At first it was almost unusable but running fxotune helped. I’m using the mg2 canceller and am planning to try HPEC but haven’t had time yet.

I’ve also noticed similar complaints on the oslec mailing list. Others are noticing that echo seems to be worse with DAHDI.

DAHDI did solve some other Zaptel problems that I was having.