How do you use redirect PHP AGI

Hello all, I am trying to figure out how to use the redirect function in PHP AGI. However, I cannot figure out where I get the channel from for the first argument.

How are you supposed to use this function?

I cant find in the Asterisk function list the redirect function, you meantioned, if you are using phpagi class you can use exec method to run Asterisk applications on the php script

How would you forward the call with EXEC?

Excuse my ignorance I’m just now learning asterisk.

You can use goto to redirect call to an specific context


AGI is first party control, so only intended to be used on current channel. The only time I would expect a channel parameter is if you were bridging a call, alhtough I’m not sure AGI allows that.

AMI has a channel number, but AMI is third party control, so you are expected to keep track of channel numbers in your application, base on events.

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