How do I use hint priority in dial plan?

Hello, Guys:
I am confusing about hint in dialplan. what is the difference by using dail and hint.
why i ask this question is because sometimes, the customers can not call in if i using hint.
here is my code
exten => 301,1,Wait(2)
exten => 301,hint,SIP/301
exten =>301,1,wait(2)
exten =>301,2,Dial(SIP/301)

two totally separate things. remember the syntax is
exten => extension,priority,application(arguments)

when you dial exten (whatever), it starts executing the applicaiton in priority order, first priority 1, then 2, etc.

hint priority is something completely different. Hint will not help anybody dial anything. The only purpose hint is there for is BLF (busy lamp field), for blf subscriptions. BLF is the light that comes on when somebody is on the phone.
says that a SIP device that subscribes to the extension state of 301, should be updated for the device SIP/301.

I was just wondering how this worked, then I stumbled across this post.

Now lets say that I have a multi subscription sip phone, lets say it has four ‘line keys’ which I have assigned to accounts phoneA1, phoneA2, phoneA3 and phoneA4.
Could I have multiple hint statements pointing to the same ext number to show busy or ringing when any one of the subscriptions was in use.

I don’t have a phone that can do this yet, but I would like to ready my server for when I do.

eg. which one, if any would work…

exten => 123,info,sip/phoneA1
exten => 123,info,sip/phoneA2
exten => 123,info,sip/phoneA3
exten => 123,info,sip/phoneA4


exten => 123,info,sip/phoneA1&sip/phoneA2&sip/phoneA3&sip/phoneA4

Thanks for your advice.

if this worked, it would be

exten => 123,hint,sip/phoneA1&sip/phoneA2&sip/phoneA3&sip/phoneA4

theoretically that would illuminate a light subscribed to 123 if any of those phones are active…

also unless it change in 1.4 its the hint priority not info…

hope that works :smile:

Thanks for that, I will give it a whirl. I stumbled across and downloaded the snom 360 softphone today so all this is now testable without buying more hardware.
Yes, I meant ‘hint’, you would think I new this as I have typed it into my dial plan so many times.