How do I place multiple simultaneous calls using Asterisk AMI?


I was able to set up manager.conf to allow me to access Asterisk using Java code. I can now place calls using Java through the AMI, my question is, how would I go about placing multiple simultaneous calls, that can all be picked up. Since it is code, if I set channel twice it only counts the one after as it overwrites the first one. I also can’t create a loop that changes the channel because then it would call everyone one by one, and I want to call everyone simultaneously. Any solutions would be massively appreciated.

Thank you

When you create new topics for each step of your task, readers lose context. Contributors to prior topics may not realize the new topic is something they have relevant experience with.

Maybe you could re-post this ‘progress report’ in one of your previous topics?

Maybe you could explain in greater detail what you are trying to accomplish. More details, more relevant suggestions. Better bait, better fish.


Sorry, I just thought those old issues were solved so I should create a new topic. I can start asking questions on the same topic.

So what I am trying to accomplish is a system that can call multiple people at one time and play the same recorded message to all of them. I can call people and play a recorded message, but I’m not sure how to call people concurrently. With the AMI, I am testing with just two people. I can get it to call people and play a message, but it doesn’t call them at the same time, the 2nd number only gets called when the first number picks up.

So in conclusion, I am aiming to call multiple people at once and play a recorded message. Currently I can use the AMI to call them one at a time, but not at the same time. I am looking for help to be able to accomplish that.

Thank you

The Async option[1] to Originate needs to be set to do asynchronous calling with multiple at once.

[1] Asterisk 18 ManagerAction_Originate - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

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