How do I monitor call status when I call ami using python

Using python to call ami, how to monitor the call status is answer, reject, network reasons are not connected, the other party is not connected, the other party is not connected, the other party is not connected, or answer and then hang up? I am now using event monitoring, but the result is not very good, if the other party refuses to pick up, I can not get the value, and the other party after answering the hang up, or the completion of the dialup plan, I did not judge, how do I deal with it, please help me, in addition, how do I find the relevant documents, there is no relevant link to the document?

Hello everyone, please help me, I am using asterisk18+dongle, then python calls ami to make a call, after logging in to the ami add event listening, then after dialing the call, no listening function is called, the log does not print,code screenshot as follows:

Maybe this Link can help you.

chan_dongle is not part of the Asterisk project and has not been touched in 9 years. It has been abandoned by its developer.

Normally the way to do complex things with Originate is to originate to a local channel, which then dials the target channel. However, it may well be that chan_dongle doesn’t provide much information about the reason for failure, and possible that the AT command interface it uses, also soesn’t.

Thank you very much for your answer, I just modified it, he is right, the complete should be: client = AMIClient(address=‘’, port=5038, timeout=None), I lack a timeout=None, thank you again

Yeah, well, I’ll need to look into that again, because I’m an asterisk newbie