How do I make an IVR choice redirect the call externally


I need a simple IVR that connects to a java app on one choice and redirects the call to an external, ordinary telephone number on another.

I have a SIP connection and can receive the call and connect to different java apps depending on IVR choice but I don’t know how to redirect externally.

Here is an extract from my extensions.conf

exten=2793,1,Ringing exten=2793,n,Wait,2 exten=2793,n,Background(welcome) exten=2793,n,WaitExten exten=1,1,Goto(sip-in,app1,1) exten=2,1,***Here I want to call outside*** exten=app1,1,Agi(agi://app1)

How do I complete this simple IVR?


The same way you would handle an outgoing call that was directly dialled.

I got a step further but when I’m calling outside from my IVR I get this error message:

handle_response_invite: Received response: “Forbidden”

I can call outside from an IP phone through the asterisk but not redirect an incoming call out again.

Any ideas?

At a guess, the service requires that the CLI matches you not the original caller. Most would just overwrite the CLI, but maybe yours is more fussy.

Try overriding the CLI.

How did you specify the dial ? also is it using the same carrier as the incoming call.

Try recieving a call and then blind transfering it back to the outside to see if that works.


Incorrectly :blush:

I found the bug. I had entered:
instead of:

So, it turned out to be a simple copy/paste bug as usual. Thanks for your help.