How config Zoiper

I installed Elastix 2.4.0-1, and now can dial any number in my government but can’t call any number start with 0.
Such as: 011, 010 or any land line start with 0 “03”

How can config and resolve this problem, also please any someone answer give me more details for steps because I am a new on Elastix :slight_smile:

Your questions relate to how Elastix uses Asterisk, not to the way that Asterisk works. You need to find a support forum for Elastix.

Also the word “government” does not make sense in your posting. I assume it is an incorrect translation.

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There is a elastix forum here that may be able to help you.

Thanks Bro

I posted at elastix forum and sorry for any apologize for posted here

You will probably have better luck here as the Elastix forum is not very active. This is mostly Asterisk specific anyways. My guess is your outbound route dial pattern.

Asterisk has no concept of an outgoing route dial pattern.

If there is an error in an extension pattern match that will be in code generated in arcane ways by the GUI, and you will either need to abandon the GUI entirely to fix it or you need advices from people who are experts on the GUI, not on Asterisk, to find out how to safely fix it within the limits of the GUI.

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I try change Prefix to 012 and submit also try match pattern but nothing
attach pic from elastix please modify to correct and reply me

Delete everything and just put in the first match pattern field the following


First 012 mean first 3 digit of network mobile No. at my country – > full No. = 11 Digit first 3 Digit the code 012 or 010

Also I try with only .“DOT” and XXXXX. but nothing
I can call any No. in country just not start with 03 , 050 and 012 etc…

Then your provider doesn’t allow to dial these destinations.

Unfortunately Zero digit is available through from provider. And I can dial any number, if I plug the land line cable on the Phone.