How can I get asterisk to understand 4-digit internal ext?

I have all my phones set up as 10 digit numbers. How can I get asterisk to understand how to use the last four digits as internal calling?

For example: If i have the number 555-555-6096, If I want to call that phone from another phone in the company, I want to be able to just type 6096.

if you have a fixed length of the number you can do it…

the called extension : 5555556096
If you want , to call 6096 when the extension is called, your dialplan will be like this…

or you can do it with some AGI scripts …

I think that the original poster wanted it “the other way round”…

This presupposes that all your internal extensions start with a 6 and are 4 digits long.

Let us know how you get on.

i think Srl100 is right. yes user need the same


You guys are the best! Thanks very much!