How can I detect silence on a channel?

We are having problems with a SIP provider where we are having one-way audio in the middle of a call. Ideally I would like to nail up 200 calls to an echo channel provided by the carrier, feed it a tone or music on hold, the monitor the channel for silence. Is there anything native to Asterisk that can do the monitoring? I doubt I would have the CPU to analyze 200 calls, but I could setup a script just to roll over from one to another. Our traffic is on a backup path that is working fine, so all I’ll need to “listen” to are my own test calls.

Thanks for any suggestions,


Chances are this is lack of media rather than media containing silence. Turning rtcp debugging on would show whether or not you were still receiving media.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot to see if it give me anything different. There are serveral devices that reoriginate traffic (like a Cisco CUBE) that may be masking lost packets, we were not seeing it in Wireshark analytics. This is why I wanted to look at the media in some way as well. Nailing up a ton of fake calls then making several live calls after that we have not been able to reproduce the problem on the calls we are actively participating on.