How can I active music on hold during a call (put in pause)

I would like to know how can I active the music on hold during a call if I wish put it in wait.

Actually I use this fucntion in some equipments that have the pause button, but others models and brand didn’t have this button. How can I active it?

I use Asterisk 13 with PJSIP and my endpoints already have the parameter moh_sugest defined.


What signalling protocol are you using?

For SIP, send update SDP with a= set to something other than sendrecv. There is also a method with one of port number or iP address set to zero.

I am using SIP. but I can send it using the dialplan?

You are talking about pause buttons on devices, so you seem to be talking about the device initiating a hold, not the dialplan.

chan_sip cannot send a hold indication to an external device.

I believe chan_pjsip can, if you enable:

;moh_passthrough=yes    ; Pass Music On Hold through using SIP re-invites with sendonly
                        ; when placing on hold and sendrecv when taking off hold

However I don’t know whether turning on on MOH from the dialplan will trigger this.

Well, this feature is from Asterisk 16 above I am with Asterisk 13.

How can I active music on hold then in MicroSIP softphone, for example?

Assuming my original interpretation, whilst the help for microsip is not at all clear, it looks like you have to enable media buttons when configuring it, and have a suitable device:

Handle Media Buttons
Enables handling of media keys or buttons events on multimedia keyboards or headsets with buttons (WM_APPCOMMAND message). Can be used for call answer, hold, resume and end call.

In that case, it is a microsip question, not an Asterisk one.

thank you very much david551, I got it.

In case someone would like to go deeper to your suggestion

sendrecv - Used to establish a 2-way media stream.

recvonly - The SIP endpoint would only receive (listen mode) and not send media.

sendonly - The SIP endpoint would only send and not receive media.

inactive -  The SIP endpoint would neither send nor receive media

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