Holy buckets! 400 KB/sec bandwidth utilization!

on one of our collections servers, we are averaging just under 400 KB/s network bandwith utilization, with just 45 users. this is obviously using a gigabit adapter and ulaw - i never realized how much bandwidth ulaw uses until now.

on one of our other boxes, with almost 60 users, we’re averaging under 200 KB/s with GSM, with very little quality loss (to me, anyway).

there isn’t a point to this post, other than to demonstrate how quickly bandwidth is consumed on a larger system…i’d be interested in hearing what kind of numbers you guys are seeing on your systems.

(we use bmg-ng to monitor the interfaces live)

I have 55 phones on one PBX and 30 on another all using ulaw… I started experiencing strange and somewhat random problems on our network before realizing that all of our 100 MB bandwidth was being used up. After a network redesign and an upgrade to gigabit networking all is well again.