Hex Encode String

Is it possible to hex encode a variable directly in the asterisk dial plan so that I can offer it in a SIP header?

If not would I be able to call an external script to do this by passing the variable I want encoded to the script, and have it return the encoded variable so that I can stick it in a header?

Any examples anyone could provide would be fantastic!

Thank you.


Hi thank you. Are there any related links or how to knowledge base articles you might be able to share to help me with this?

If any one else runs in to this here is an example of how I solved this:

exten => _+1NPANXXXXXX,1,GotoIf($["${SIP_HEADER(Diversion)}" = “”]?noagi)
exten => _+1NPANXXXXXX,n,AGI(div2hex.php,${SIP_HEADER(Diversion)})
exten => _+1NPANXXXXXX,n,SIPAddHeader(X-Header: ${divhex})
exten => _+1NPANXXXXXX,n(noagi),Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@test)
exten => _+1NPANXXXXXX,n,Hangup

I had to write a php script to break up the header, encode the string and pass it back to the dialplan

I was expecting you to do “core show functions” and find:

CentOS53*CLI> core show function URIENCODE
-= Info about function ‘URIENCODE’ =-


Encodes a string to URI-safe encoding according to RFC 2396.

Not available