Help writing a statement please

HI all,
Can you please help me write me a statement, i know how to do it in SQL, but i don’t know how to do it in mysql through asterisk.

this is the statement

Select field1 from tablename where ({ fn NOW()} > datetime_variable + ‘10:00:00 am’)

thanks in advance.

Just got it to work

exten => s,3,MYSQL(Query resultid ${connid}\ SELECT\ field1\ from\ TableName\ where\ DATE_FORMAT(curdate(),’%Y-%m-%d\ %h:%i:%s %p’ )>\ DATE_FORMAT(DATE_ADD(DateTimeFieldInTheDB,\ INTERVAL\ ‘10:00’\ HOUR_MINUTE),’%Y-%m-%d\ %h:%i:%s\ %p’)

What this thing saying: Is now > 10:00 am on the DateTimeFieldinTheDB. if yes, it will bring back the value in field1, if not, it will be null.

if you want to go the difficult way, create a PHP file, pass in the date, do y our caculation there and them pass the result out.

I hope that helps somebody.