Help with inbound SIP registration timeouts


Is there a way to set a re-registration timer or registration expiration timer for incoming SIP registrations?
When a client registers on my asterisk server, client can provide registration timers (for example SIP will 3600 seconds).
I want to force clients to send registration every 5 minutes or expire them otherwise.
There are such setting for outbound registrations (when my asterisk is registering to somewhere) but couldnt find any for inbound registrations.

There is maxexpiry= setting for general which will in therory limit max duration that a client can set, but doesnt seem to work per peer and doesnt let me to pick specific time.


Assuming that you are using pjsip, I believe you are looking for the expiration settings configured in the AOR.

  • default_expiration
  • maximum_expiration
  • minimum_expiration

See the AOR table about 3/4 down the page here for documentation of these options:

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