Help with 4 channel AEX800 question

Hello all,

I am not sure if this is the correct place for questions related to both asterisk and digium hardware, but the Digium website seems to point to this forum too.

I have inherited one PBX in the company I started working for. The exact version of Asterisk it’s running is 1.2.72805.

It has a AEX800 card installed with 4 channels. Now, according to what I have read on google, that card has two options for 4 channels:
One quad module
Four single modules

Is that correct? Would the foru single modules take all the space which means you can’t add another quad module in that case?

And is there a way to find out the number/type of modules installed without powering it down to open it up?

I have experience of linux CLI and I think I can handle it if I receive instructions what to do. It runs on CentOS.

I appreciate any advice on this subject since I want to purchase one more quad module to expand the channels but I don’t want to find out that I don’t have the space to install it on the card once I open it up. And downtime is not acceptable right now, so I can’t open it up and take a look.


Yes on both accounts.

Not that I can think of, no. You’re welcome to put it past Digium’s Support department (we don’t do support on these forums), but I expect they’ll have the same answer.

If you can open the case without powering down, you could peer in to see. The single modules are visibly different from the quad modules, so a visual inspection would do it; you would have to yank the card if you could get a view at the proper angle.

Thanks for the reply. I continued googling after I posted the topic and didn’t find anything saying you can figure out the type and number of modules. Plus, running on Asterisk 1.2 the machine doesn’t have DAHDI tools support, so any dahdi commands are useless (not that I know of any that would tell you the module count).

I also managed to find some nice images of the card and figured out how the modules get connected. Sure enough, in case you have four single modules there is no way to add a quad module on top.