[HELP] Voicemail without special hardware

If any of you are like me, you have 50 of those older phone modems lying around.

I just really want to play with asterisk and if I like what it offers me, I might feel like setting it up for real. Since I am not absolutely determined to execute this in like a corporate or even a home environment, I really don’t want to go spend money on extra hardware.

In my house we don’t have Voip, nor do we have IP phones. Heck, we don’t even have voicemail.

I want to use asterisk as a very simple voicemail system. I can place the asterisk box in between the connection from the phone company and the internal wiring of the house with much ease.

Is it possible to use two phone modem cards in a system to place the box in between the outside phone networks and our inside phone networks? It also should pass through all of the calls to the rest of the phones in the house so when someone calls, the phones ring. Should we not answer it should obviously intervene and pick up the call after lets say 4 rings and recieve voicemail from the caller. Then, obviously we should be able to call *86 or something similar to get our voicemail.

So, is this even possible without purchasing extra hardware (ie: the Sipura 3000 or whatever those devices are called)? I don’t need internal calling, or anything else it offers me, just plain voicemail.

You can not use any ole modem…
You need to purchase a digium card…

digium.com/en/products/hardw … gcards.php

If you just want to play and do not mind crappy sound and like to spend hours on end tweaking the system then you can grab a cheap device off ebay look for X100P

still with a decent p3 / 512 meg of ram a 200.00 expense for card and you got a PBX.

now you will not power the whole house with this card…you can sinlge phone to the card maybe two on real short wires but that is it.

you buy cordless or you use IP phones…

maybe a 20.00 answer machine is what you need…

Yeah… the $20.00 answering machine we have now is what I’m trying to shy away from.