Help Required (Using Record or Monitor application)

Hi There
I have used both Record and Monitor Function to record the tone being played in callers mouth piece. This tone is a DTMF tone and I have this in a wave file in my PC. And I put the mouth piece of caller(myself) in front of the speaker to record this tone using asterisk. The problem is the asterisk (Monitor and Record function) do not record the tone. But when I speak anything myself, that is recorded without any noise. Can anybody please help me in this regard. Why the tone is not being recorded (or if recorded, then it is not proper, we can hear breaks in the tone but these breaks are not in the actual file).


The monitor app records what is on the channel. What kind of tones are you trying to play/record? Maybe they are out of the frequency range of the phone device you are using?

What can be the frequency range of a phone?

I am playing DTMF tones generated from And the option selected is
"RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 Bit, mono 8000 Hz".


Should be okay.

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