Help in making many accounts for the same ip phone

i have a voi server based on LSCPBX is distributed by Linux Solutions Company, Inc. & operating on astersik os.

i have a problem in making the reports.

the problem is that we have two times of work and two employees share the same ip telephone ,and when i make a report , it gives me all of the day report (include the two employee) , so i decided to make two accounts to the same ip telephone that is every employee login with his own account and logout before he leave .
i think that this will solve the problem.

my question is how to solve this issue > and plz if there is another solution for this issue plz help me

this is my 1st post & im waiting ur replies .

thanks alot

Asterisk is not the OS.

There are probably many ways.

Having multiple Asterisk device entries for the same physical device is one option. The main issues you will have with it relate to the phone, not to Asterisk; changing the registration data for the phone is likely to be too much work for your employees.

Your ability to do anything more than this in the Asterisk configuration will probably be constrained by the appliance software, rather than Asterisk, and by the billing software.

Note, as well as being deprecated, AgentCallbackLogin only really applies to incoming calls. The device will appear the same in the CDRs for outgoing ones, as only incoming calls can be tied to an extension number.

You could modify the dialplan to set user data on the CDRs, but this probably means changing code provided as part of the appliance.

i would like to thanks you very much for your reply, i would like to ask how to solve this problem ( we have two times in work and when i make a report it gives me the report along 24 hours while i need it for two times , for the 1st and the 2nd shift ,not for both )

excuse me if i make convenience with my long question becuase im a new user using the system.

thanks alot .

im waiting ur reply with my total respect

Your problem explanation is really bad so I am not sure if I understand it. But can this be of any use to you? … -database/