Help for LOG understanding - Pirelli AGPF 4.3.5

Hi everybody, in the last period I found many modems with continuous ASTERISK restarts. This happens approximatively every few minutes and the logs are like the following

daemon.err >>>starting openrg_reconf... daemon.err [APTCP] themanager_changed aptcp_clients changed daemon.err [JAST] asterisk needs reconf: voip or syslog changed daemon.err [JAST] asterisk conf changed; need reload daemon.err [JAST] asked to reload asterisk daemon.err [JAST] reload flags: restart = 0 reload all = 1 reload extens = 0 register all = 0 hangup = 0

or with extens flag on.

In your experience is this related to a specific internal problem of the modems?
Is there a documentation to understand logs?
Are there significant messages to take into account to identify particular problems of the user or to highlight the steps of the call handling (registration, outgoing/incoming call, errors?

Thank you in advance