HELP - Custom web call trigger/transfer setup


I am looking to setup Asterisk in the following manner, and wanted to know how to set things up to do this. I want to setup a web interface that would allow me to input 2 numbers, and have Asterisk connect the 2 numbers. I would like it to call number 1, play a short message, and then dial number 2 connecting the 2 people. I would ideally do this using 1 POTS line accessible to the Asterisk box via a cheap modem(not Digium stuff initially while developing this - if possible). I would also like to do this via SIP at some point, and would appreciate any direction to a cheap provider for this type of setup.

Thanks for your help!


Lots of versions of this out there, But be warned I would use all sip and not pots , SIP has proper call supervision pots does not so you may get stuck calls.


Hi All,

Anybody else have input? I would like to know if this is possible before dedicating resources to complete this…


Can you post links to some examples? Do you know how to go about making this a reality? Is this a custom call script? Any suggestions how to technically go about this? Can you suggest some SIP providers that would make this a possibility to connect landline and cellular phones?