Help Constructing a Dial-In System

Hi, I’m having trouble crafting a dialplan that would allow for a type of call-in system. What I would like to do is answer the call, and play a ringing tone for 4 seconds. At any time during that one cycle of ringing, if the caller dials a number (we’ll say 4), he’ll be prompted for a DISA password. If the caller doesn’t dial the correct number during the one ring cycle, he will be sent to a different context. How can I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!

exten => s,1,Answer(); bring up the channel so we can listen. This marks the call as answered, and a payphone caller won’t get their quarter back.
exten => s,2,Playtones(ring) ; play ringing down the line
exten => s,3,WaitExten(4) ; and wait 4 seconds while listening to an exten
exten => s,4,Goto(somewhere-else,s,1) ; if none comes in, goto somewhere-else,s,1

exten => 4,1,DISA(blah blah blah) ; if they press 4 above, this will run

exten => s,1,your normal menu starts here…

Sorry for the delay in my reply, and thanks for your response. What you told me to do isn’t working completely. When a call comes in, the ringing tone does play for 4 seconds, and if I don’t do anything, it does goto whatever I specify in s,4. However, if I dial a 4, I see this in the console:

After seeing that, I actually made an i extension, but I still get that same error message. What do you think is wrong?


And your relevent section of the dialplan for us to se is where???

Without seeing what you have setup jow are we meant to say whats wrong.


it says that ‘4’ is an invalid extension. which means that you don’t have
exten => 4,anything anywhere

you need to make

exten => 4,1,etc etc etc and go on to do whatever. this can be a goto.

remember that in the code snip i gave, dialing 4 won’t work once they go to somehwere-else,s,1 because there is no exten 4 in that.

as ian said, post what you have and we’ll havea look