[HELP] Channel record sometime doesnt work properly s

Hi, guys…

We’re running Asterisk 16.11.0-rc2 on Centos 7.7 for make outgoing call and control them through ARI and everything is perfectly setted, and the calls almost the time are perfect. We can make call and works fine using ARI.

We use this server to make a lot of calls, this calls do a lot of stuff through ARI and stasis using node-ari: plays audios, request APIS and record audios.

We have enabled talk detected for know when the user start to talk and record piece of audios of 3seconds maximum with cut with 2 second of second if this happens. The problem is that sometimes this records results on empty files and it doesnt have any saved into.

We use for record:
channel.record({ maxDurationSeconds: 3, maxSilenceSeconds: 2, format: 'gsm', name: 'random-filename', ifExists: 'overwrite' })

When the record is finished we expect the event RecordingFinished and almost time the response is the expected:
{ name: 'random-filename', format: 'gsm', duration:'2', silence_duration: '2' }
{ name: 'random-filename', format: 'gsm', duration:'1', silence_duration: '2' }
But when the error is showed i got this:
{ name: 'random-filename', format: 'gsm', duration:'1', silence_duration: '0' }

The file saved has a weight of 950b or less.

What can I prevent of this or be sure of the record started being saved as usually?

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