Help! Call a extension, and communicate with another one

Hi! I’m new in all of this, I’ll try to be specific.
I have a Debian 8 virtualized computer with Asterisk 13 installed (used as a SIP phone), and another Asterisk computer used as a server.

I’ll get a degree in Electronic Engineering with this project.

The project:
My program, receives TCP data, and, depending on this data it makes Asterisk call an extension and play audio.

We have this computer waiting for an alarm signal, when it appears, the program makes asterisk call the security team phone and plays an alarm sound.

So, the problem is:
When the security team hears this sound, I want to make Asterisk wait for an extension, and call it.

I read about “extensions.conf”, “dialplan”, “.call files”, but I don’t understand them.
Can someone help me? I’m new in all this, but I want to learn.
Sorry if bad english.,%204th%20Edition.pdf is a very good source to learn about telephony and about Asterisk. It is a free download. Success!

If it is an academic project, you should be marked on how you go about solving the problem rather more than the solution Unless this is a course for managers (and not a design appreciation one), calling for consultancy is unlikely to be looked on favourably.

It sounds as though you already know as much as I would normally be prepared to provide as hints in such situations.

If you have difficulties in achieving the solution, make sure that you document those problems, and what you have tried to solve them.

Thanks for the guide lesouvage, I’ll take a look, thank you too David, all help is appreciated