Help - Asterisk PBX Keeps Calling Me!

I have been receiving phone calls to my cell phone daily now, every couple hours or so from an unknown number. When I answer the calls I hear about 10 seconds of silence followed by, “I am sorry that is not a valid extension” in a somewhat foreign sounding voice. When I google search the phrase everything point s to an Asteisk system. I have tried dialling 0, 100,101, 200, 201, 300, 400, *, #. After a couple trys it hangs up. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might dial to get a clue of who is calling me. This is my business cell and it"s driving me crazy!! Thanks!

I’m assuming you do not have an Asterisk system yourself?

Advise your cell provider. They’ll be able to see who is calling you. How helpful they will be is another matter.

Or, try the regulator (who ever yours is).

No, I do not have an Asterisk system myself thought I am quite familiar with what it is. I do work in the IT/Networking field. I have tried calling the cell providor (Verizon Wirelss) but as you said, no help. They said I would have to get a judge to sign a warrant. The FCC regulates cell phone usage, The FDA regulates cell phone safety (radiation levels) and the individual states regulate contractual issues. You guessed it, no help from anyone. Atleast not that I can find. I may just have to change my number but I don’t want to because I use it primarily for business and it’s published on my literature. Unless someone in the forum is able to answer my question…?

Well, while that’s kind of comedic, it’s also something of a pain. Personally, I can think of some interesting things to do to troubleshoot and track this problem down.

  1. Set up an * box of your own. Hang it off an analog line, and then have your cell # forwarded to it. That way, you have a mechanism to see the call coming in. (This assumes a few things - that you’ve got an interest in doing so, you’ve got the equipment laying about, etc)

  2. You could just have your cell # hard forwarded to a land line if you’ve got a window of time where you’re always getting these calls. Then you can work with your PSTN provider to see where the call’s coming from.

Just throwing some ideas around. Good luck!


Thank you for the reply. I do plan to build one someday I just don’t have time for any new projects right now. Typically I get caller ID on my cell phone when available. Are you suggesting I may see a number on a analog line when I do not via cell? I could try that. Right now I use a 3rd party VOIP service but I could forward to a land line elsewhere or even to my number and see if it picks it up. Luckily I have not received any of those calls this week so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it went away. Thanks.