[HELP] * as a MOH server to proprietary PBX

Hi List,
I have to use asterisk as the music-on-hold source for a proprietary PBX (Siemens).

What needs to happen is the FXO port needs to always be playing music on the PSTN interface - this mean, it has to always be in use.

Equipment: 1 FXO port.

i) The Siemens doesn’t need to make a phone call to start MOH. It has a MOH port which pretty much just passes the audio through to all the handsets that have someone on hold.

ii) Neither end (asterisk or siemens) needs to make a phone call to establish the music on hold.

  1. How do I just open up a Zap channel?
  2. Has anyone else done this?

Thanks for reading my problems :wink:

I can think of two ways to do this.

The first would simply be to run the audio output of the * server (headphone jack) into the MOH port of the PBX. This of course assumes that the MOH port is NEVER going to send a ringing signal, just listen to what it gets. Using this you don’t need *, just any server with a MP3 player.

The second- get the appropriate port (FXS or FXO) for the * server. Make an exten that when dialed goes straight to MusicOnHold(). Now make a .call file which calls that exten on the right port, no retries. Make a cron job to copy it into the outgoing folder every XX minutes.

When asterisk copies the .call file into the folder it will attemtp to dial that channel and play music on hold. if the channel is already open it will fail and abort. This way if it gets hung up for watever reason it will call back.

Definitely not using the headphone jack.

Was hoping to not have to use the dial command and somehow be able to use Answer/MusicOnHold from the start.

I’ll play with it a bit on a new partition/installation and swap cards around.

Thanks for your suggestion IH

that’s what it would be- .call file = no Dial(). just set the destination to be like Zap/1 and you’re set.

I think it depends on which one is FXS and which one is FXO. If the Asterisk side is FXS then you have an easy time- just set it to immediate call the exten with MOH. Pick up on that port and you get MOH, which will presumably happen as soon as you plug them together.

If FXO is on * side, then the only way to start a call is for * to either pick up the line and start playing music, or for the PBX to ring and * answer it. For this you will probably need a .call file.

or you might just want to attach a radio, ipod ,etc to the MOH input on the siemens :laughing: