[HELP] Answer Supervision - Asterisk 1.2.3

I would like to know whether Answer Supervision is supported by Asterisk 1.2.3 or additional hardware device is required to detect remote party has pick up the call.

In fact, Disconnect Supervision is working fine where i just uncomment some settings in zapata.conf:

However, the answer supervision does not seems to work. Setting in zaptata.conf:

I went through a lot of website, the answer and disconnection supervision are depends on the polarity reversal stuff. I believe Asterisk has this capability as it work ok for the Disconnect Supervision, but not Answer Supervision. Would appreciate it if someone could assist me in this problem. Thanks :smile:

i think you’ll find it depends on your hardware and your telco, as much as anything else.

you haven’t said what hardware you’re using, but IME, answeronpolarityswitch works great with a Sangoma A200, but not a Digium TDM400, using BT as the telco here in the UK. different people seem to use wildly different configs for FXO cards and most manage to get a working setup. it’s like some weird magic !!

Thanks for your reply.

Hardware in used - TDM400P. Ops… seems like answeronpolarityswitch does not work well for this hardware.

In this case, are you suggesting that a hardware (line detector) purchase will help?

Is there any other setting that you could advise / recommend?

that would seem logical. however, i would start by asking your telco what they support, then ask around to see if anyone local to you has experience of zap configs that work. then you experiment 'til you get what you want.

Would find out more from my telco. Thanks :smile:

I have find out from the local telco, the reversal polarity was not provided. :frowning:

But i am lost, Disconnect Supervision can be done via the settings mentioned while Answer Supervision failed to do so. I thought both of the supervisions are depend on the polarity reversal stuff. If this stuff does not exists for the current line, how Disconnect Supervision can be done in the first place. Any idea?

If Answer Supervision requires reversal polarity and assumes that no such facility was provided, any other approach? Will a new hardware will help even there is no polarity reversal exists? Is there any other workaround?

Highly appreciate for any suggestion. Thank you.