Hello, I have an issue with my RTP packet not being routed

Hello, I have an issue with my RTP packet not being routed as I want it to. To explain, my RTP packet should go from 192.168.X.10 to 10.27.X.20 and then to 198.19.X.20. However, the problem is that it goes from 192.168.X.10 directly to 198.19.X.20, which is my provider. When creating a trunk, I don’t want my 3cx machine to go directly to the provider because I would need to know the provider’s IP address. To explain the infrastructure, I have a provider trunk that receives calls and my trunk goes to my 3cx. As soon as a packet is received, it is sent directly to this IP address, but I may have made a mistake?

This is an Asterisk forum. Where does Asterisk fit into this (at all)?

yes is asterisk not routing my rtp packet

You haven’t explained where Asterisk fits in.

Assuming 10.27.X.20 is running, Asterisk can establish direct media paths, if there are no contraindications, but this is easily disabled, by setting the endpoint options to direct_media=no (directmedia=no for the legacy driver). Without direct media, it doesn’t really route the RTP packet, as the two legs are considered separate, but it can get fairly close.

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