Heeeeelpppp please! :(

Hello masters of this forum, I hope everything is fine with you all!!! I beg you, please read my case and help me find answers.

We have a local Christian radio, we broadcast over the internet from Houston TX, for the hispanic community, and here’s our basic idea:

THE PROBLEM: In order to listen to the radio, they must have a smart phone, pc or tablet, they have to download an app (which is sometimes very difficult), and then, open the url with the transmission port, etc etc etc…

THE POSSIBLE SOLUTION: We would like people to call XXX-XXX-XXXX phone number (virtual or regular ATT number, I don’t know), and instead of somebody answer the call, a machine answer with the radio streaming… in other words, when they call, the call is answered by what we are broadcasting… The radio streams using shoucast, using the computer sound card input line…

Now, is this possible? I’m not an expert on this… and if possible, is there a limit (users) for it?? Thank you and God bless you all…

ZenoRadio.com offers this service for free, BUT, nothing is free, and they will take our listeners number and then, spam them via SMS, or they will put in the middle of our programming their advertising… we prefer to pay, but no company offer the service, or is anyone out there offering it?? The problem with advertising is that sometimes, they offer trips to casinos, clubs, etc… and we are Christians… PLEASE HELP!!!

It is very, very important to put in title what you are looking for. Every body in this forum looks for HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPPPP PLEEEAAAASEEEE.
Can you imagine if all topics will have a title:
May be your god can understand what exactly you want, but we cant. You mentioned many times your religion predilection. This is good only if you are looking for developer with same religion predilection. But there are developers, who believe in other gods and/or goddesses, or do not believe in gods and goddesses at all.
Any way - there are many ways to solve your problem:

  1. With Asterisk. But one Asterisk server can support may be up to 100 or 200 simultaneous calls. And 100 simultaneous calls mean no less then 6 MBits connectivity. Long time ago, in era of Pentium 4 processors, I read about tests and they say that server with 3 GHz (single core Pentium) handled up to 30 calls. I expect, modern processors and enough RAM can handle 100 or may be 200 simultaneous calls.
  2. With specially modified applications. There are many open source applications for Android, and someone can be modified with your requirements. I mean - if you have broadcasting server, and if there is a way to connect to that server (hard way, with ports etc) - then some application can be modified with your settings as default, and hidden from user - just install, start and that is all. I participated in such project but with client for Asterisk (not for radio).
    Any approach has its pros and cons. And for any of them you will need some developer.
    I hate commercials at all (not only those for clubs, casinos etc).
    If you decide, you can post task in Jobs forum, or in some site like freelance.com