Header Manipulation

Is there any way to modify the unique sip caller ID header value? so that the actual header value is changed and i can insert some custom text into that header? Because I dont think of adding another sip header and fetching it the other way, rather want to manipulate an existing header.

There is a CALLERID dialplan function[1] which can be used to change callerid information in the dialplan. There is no ability otherwise to manipulate specific SIP headers, except for adding custom ones.

[1] Asterisk 19 Function_CALLERID - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

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thanks for such quick and informative reply!

I think the OP meant Call-ID, not Caller ID! This is strangely like the recent request on how to hack the tag parameters. I wonder why two people are trying to modify fields which are supposed to be opaque.

If Call-ID, then even doubly so nope can’t touch that.

zoiper has an option where it passes the call-id header data into an url pop up function and sadly it does not pass any other header data at all.

That sounds more like caller ID, but there is no SIP caller ID; caller ID is taken from several possible places, although, if the configuration is otherwise sensible, Joshua’s approach should get the right one.

Most people adding information to the caller ID would set the name, rather than number, field.

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