Have to restart networking to get peer to be reachable

Ubuntu 16.04
Asterisk 13.1

Problem: 1 of 5 peers is unreachable after server restart
Repro1: systemctl restart networking
Repro2: systemctl disable asterisk, reboot, then start asterisk manually

Both repros ensure that said peer is reachable and stays that way. There is something happening on boot that is causing asterisk to get in this funky state where it can’t reach one of our peers.

Note that our server is setup in a vlan config, but all the asterisk peers are going over the same vlan. This literally makes zero sense to me. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the problem? I’m happy to share more but didn’t want to write a book.

More info, Broadcom bnx2x driver … I’m starting to see lots of complaints about this NIC. Anyone else?

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