Hangup on #

Is there any way to make Asterisk hangup when # or * is pressed on a call on a specific SIP device at anytime?


hi blaxer,

there is a ‘disconnect’ option in features.conf. This might help you although I haven’t tried it persnonally.


I’ve tried to set this up in features.conf but asterisk doesn’t seem to recognize it. On a call I can hit * and I just dead air. Any ideas?

The dial app must be called with the ‘h’ and/or ‘H’ flags, depending on which party (or both) you want to be able to hang up the call with a tone, or perhaps you need to set the DYNAMIC_FEATURES variable properly.

Alternatively, you can always modify the dsp.c file and force Asterisk to hang up any channel any time it hears a certain DTMF. I don’t recommend that. :wink: