Hangup detection problems with fxo?

– Executing [102@son:1] Playback(“SIP/201-090cc678”, “rdlab”) in new stack
– Playing ‘rdlab’ (language ‘en’)
– Executing [102@son:2] Dial(“SIP/201-090cc678”, “SIP/102|20”) in new stack
– Called 102
– SIP/102-090d75a0 is ringing
– Nobody picked up in 20000 ms
– Executing [102@son:3] VoiceMail(“SIP/201-090cc678”, “102@default”) in new stack
– Playing ‘vm-intro’ (language ‘en’)
– Playing ‘beep’ (language ‘en’)
– Recording the message
– x=0, open writing: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/102/tmp/uc3y0r format: gsm, 0x9092e18

after the make call , the call didnot hangup and the line FXO not responding .
please help me

where are you, what disconnect supervision does your telco provide, what does your zaptel.conf and zapata.conf look like, and what does the relevant context in extensions.conf look like ?

help us to help you.