Hangup AMI Event ... any way to add fields in the dialplan?


Is there a way to add fields to an AMI “Hangup” event from the dialplan, say, for example, from the “h” extension or hangup handler?

Asking for a friend :smiley:

You can’t add fields to arbitrary events, no. The closest would be the channelvars functionality in manager.conf for stuffing channel variables onto channel related events which may occur on Hangup.

Hmm … interesting on channelvars …

Big Thanks! Investigating :slight_smile:

Thanks @jcolp, this will work!

Any insight on the docs mention a “performance penalty” for using channalvars and the feature should be avoided?

We’re down to two solutions for this particular problem … either using channalvars or shelling out of the dialplan to an external program to do what we need.

Curious if the “performance penalty” is negligible, certainly lower than calling an external program.

Thoughts appreciated.


Not really, beyond saying that it means every time a channel related event is generated the list of channel variables on the channel is iterated to find applicable variables which are placed on the event. There can be a lot of channel variables, thus it can be expensive. The more channel variables on the channel, the more expensive.

Roger that! We’re testing it now, thanks again :slight_smile:

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