Hang up all callee channels when one does hangup

Is it possble to send a request that will hangup all callee channels at once and tell the caller no one is available?

Caller dials a number and 2 endpoints are ringing.

endpoint 1: PJSIP/+${ctbEmployeeOutboundNumber}@${ctbSipProviderEndpoint}
endpoint 2: PJSIP/${ctbWebPhoneEndpoint},${ctbDialTimeOut},b(ctbVariableOutboundCallStartHeaders^addheader^1)

When endpoint 1 does a hangup is it possible to that endpoint 2 will also do a hangup. I already tried status 600 and 486.

SIP/2.0 600 Busy Everywhere
Via: SIP/2.0/WSS;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPj9f9a8d0a-0b1b-4294-9757-e076ba88aec5;alias
To: <sip:d7pgn3mc@>;tag=nbclg04g7n
From: <sip:+447429457449@janus.nme.mobi>;tag=fe8158d3-a535-4b9c-b4b1-adbc11c24a1d
Call-ID: d8889ba1-f413-4c56-bc69-f2c0a3fdb4d7
CSeq: 19609 INVITE
Supported: timer,ice,replaces,outbound
Content-Length: 0
same => n,Dial(PJSIP/+${ctbEmployeeOutboundNumber}@${ctbSipProviderEndpoint}&PJSIP/${ctbWebPhoneEndpoint},${ctbDialTimeOut},b(ctbVariableOutboundCallStartHeaders^addheader^1))

My understanding is that Asterisk has no concept of busy everywhere (mainly because it is modelled on ISDN, which doesn’t have this).

Indeed, there is no such functionality built in.

So if I understand right, you want to Dial A and B, and if A is not available, stop ringing B? (Not sure what you mean by “does a hangup” precisely)

You could dial A in a Local channel, and have the internal Dial in there continue to the next priority, where it can then SoftHangup() the Dial(B) leg. A bit of a kluge but sounds like that’s what you’re trying to do?

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