Handling Inbound Calls (Number does not exist)

When reached maximum channels (30), external users (external landline & mobile) gets “numbers does not exist” message. How can I change message? Need a more accurate one like: “All channels are busy” or “Temporarily unavailable”.

Normally such limits are applied by the service provider. If this is a primary rate connection, they have to allocate a channel before signalling the call setup request, which will either be sent of that channel, or if sent on the D channel, will contain the channel number of that channel.

If this is SIP, the channel limit is a commercial construct, and will be applied before considering sending INVITE.

The only time that Asterisk should send number does not exist, is if a channel is allocated, but the signalling requests destination for which there is no matching extension (or there is a matching extension and and the dialplan or outgoing call leg explicitly returns no such number).

Please provide details of channel technology and the associated channel technology and general Asterisk logs, if you believe Asterisk is actually receiving a setup request and wrongly returning number does not exist.

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