H.323 call terminated with cause EndedByTransportFail

Hi All,

I started this post on “Users”, but, maybe a fellow developer could give me a hand here :smile:

This is how my topology looks:

  +---------+     +----------+       +----------+     +----------+
  |  Cisco  |-----| Asterisk |-------|   Avaya  |-----| Ericsson |
  | ATA-186 |     |          |       | Definity |     |  MD-110  |
  +---------+     +----------+       +----------+     +----------+
              SIP              H.323              PRI

(A Definity Prologix talking to Asterisk through H.323 and to Ericsson MD-110 through ISDN PRI Q-SIG)

Any extension on Definity (hardphone, softphone or analog) can always call ATAs and these can always call Definity, no matter I’m using H323, OH323 or OOH323. The same is true betwen Definity and Ericsson, of course.

Using either OH323 or H323: ATAs can always call extensions at Ericsson but these can never call ATAs. These calls are all droped with “EndedByTransportFail”.

Using OOH323: Extensions at Ericsson can always call ATAs but these can never call Ericsson. These calls are all droped by remote end.

I did some debug with H323 (the last one I tryed) and found that OpenH323 is droping those calls right in transports.cxx (at line 1189 - version 1.17.1) saying that “Signal channel stopped on first PDU”.

I was testing before with Asterisk from CVS, but now I`m using 1.2.0 with the same results.

Any ideas about why is this happening?

As I’m still unable to find whatever is preventing things to work as they should, I decided to fix it by just working around.

With two different IP addresses on my Asterisk box, I loaded both OOH323 and H323.

I’m using one of them for placing calls and the other one for receiving calls.

Works fine but, yeah, I know, it’s ugly :confused:

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