GS Device "no account" GRP 2612P after some time


I have one GS 2612P randomly “logging off”. Display says “no account”, while everything else stays configured.
I have no idea, what the reason could be and what to search for. It happened the second time and is still in “no account” mode. First time I was able to recover from this, but I have no clue which of my actions lead to this.

The other devices (same) are working as expected. Few weeks ago I updated all devices including the gateway due to random occurence of “silent calls”.

Is it possible that there is kind of regular action from router, which triggers this problem? (I’m not aware of any correlation-)

Any help appreciated!

You need to show your SIP configuration and some meaningful log messages. Otherwise one can only guess.

The SIP Settings on the device are identical to all other devices, using same Gateway (UCM6202) “Server IP”, of course each with different SIP-USER and SIP-AUTH ID.
Walking through all settings I finally reentered an old SIP pw for account 1. This got “me” registered immediatly. But for how long?
The question is, what is causing the system to behave like this?
Which logs or settings should I provide? From the device? From the server?

If resetting the password on the device cleared the problem the problem is with the device.

Normally the logs we want initially are those from Asterisk, as we are familiar with those.

Ok, thanks! My thought was there could be some kind of job on the gateway, doing periodic updates leading to the misconfiguration. I’ll wait for the next one.

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